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DSD Manager is the premier route sales and accounting system.  It is designed to automate, streamline and improve all aspects of your beverage, dairy, ice cream or snack distribution operation. It is specially designed to integrate with a wide variety of mobile hardware and software solutions such as Norand/Intermec Corporation's Standard Distribution System. It can also be tailored to link seamlessly with your existing hand-held computer system. 



Route Sales Processing

  • Full-featured sales invoice entry and adjustment function 
  • Support for distributor or independent owner-operator routes (including central bill and drayage capabilities) 
  • Flexible invoice correction and auditing
  • Purchase Order/Call number entry and tracking 
  • Call Desk with Pre-Sales/Tele-Sales
  • Standing Orders
  • Authorized Product Lists
  • Integrated hand-held computer communications module
File Maintenance
  • Well-designed maintenance screens put key information at your fingertips
  • Integrated lookup capabilities
  • Flexible print and export capabilities of all master files
  • User security restricts users access to different areas of the system
  • Flexible routing cycles: every week, multiple visits per week, bi-weekly, three week and four week cycles
  • Unique “Relief” route feature handles vacation/sick days without having to re-route
  • Support for “hot shot” routes
  • Links to RoadNetĀ® routing solutions application (third-party)
Distributor – Owner/Operator Routes
  • Fully integrated support for distributor or owner/operator routes
  • Easy maintenance of customer routing and sequencing with exclusive "relief" routing capabilities
  • Auto invoice generation for product loads (purchases)
  • Fluid handling of central bill and distributor credits
  • Separate cash and A/R tracking for distributors
  • Easy Distributor Statement generation and management reporting
  • Simple charge entry for truck charges, hand-held fees, etc. (to distributors)
Call Desk - Pre-Sales/Tele-Sales
  • Track call status (call later, no order, etc.) and call sequence
  • Unlimited number of call desks
  • Can also handle call-in orders
  • Fully integrated into warehouse operation
  • Credit Hold/Credit check
  • Multiple order alerts
Pricing Module
  • Unlimited price schedules with effective dates
  • Cost-based pricing
  • Pricing by product groups
  • Native support for drayage & backstage pricing
  • Secured price-override feature
Promotions Module
  • Simple promotion setup
  • Off-invoice, percent-off and net price promotion (can include or exclude returns)
  • Promo assignment by customer, bill-to or chain
  • Extensive promotion reporting capabilities
  • Track vendor bill-backs
Warehouse & Inventory Management
  • Support for multiple warehouses and truck inventory locations
  • Perpetual inventory for main warehouse and trucks
  • Tracks all inventory movements: transfers, receipts and adjustments
  • Detailed inventory transaction audit and reporting
  • Physical Inventory processing with post-derivation feature
  • Purchasing and Receiving
  • Integrated hand-held Load-out and customer orders
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Native EDI module eliminates the need for third-party EDI translators or mapping software
  • Supports X12 and VICS EDI standards
  • EDI Partner custom formats available
  • Direct FTP to EDI Partner or Value Added Network(VAN)
  • Supported transaction sets:
    810 Invoice (Import and Export)
     820 Payment Order/Remittance Advice
     832 Price Sales Catalog
     850 Purchase Order
     856 Advance Ship Notice
Asset Master
  • Track all of your trade assets including customer placements
  • Records purchases, maintenance activity and status
  • Integrated sales reporting to measure effectiveness of placements
  • Import/export capability
Integrated Financials
  • Integrated batch-based or check-based cash application
  • Full featured Accounts Payables module
  • General Ledger supports flexible account structures, multi-company, multi-location
  • User-definable aging periods
  • Flexible billing periods
  • All reports can be exported to Excel, Word (RTF), PDF, HTML format
  • On-line preview capability
  • Report parameters can be easily saved and run later
  • Batch reporting
Other Key Features
  • Customer Service module: one screen access to all customer-pertinent information: (payments, invoices, deliveries, aging and equipment tracking)
  • Custom integration with your ERP or accounting system is available
  • Raw Material and Lot Tracking

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